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Chair, Wooden - Beos High Back

Beos High Back

Type : Lounge chair
Shell: Integral soft Polyurethane foam (steel frame inlaid) beechwood color, equipped with a transparent anti-skid mat; steel frame connection
Base : Wooden with PU painting Includes a pillow
Dimension :
W 810 x D 825 x H 1070 mm Seat Height 420 mm

Categories: Chair, Wooden


In 2020, grado and German design studio designschneider jointly developed a product suitable for multiple scenarios, Beos Lounge. The main body of the Beos Lounge Chair is inspired by the golden segment line of the shell. Besides the shape determined by curvature in the three-dimensional space, the backrest and armrest are designed as an integrity following an attachable headrest, which better ensures the unity of the chair. grado prepared the soft two-color design for the first time, providing a multi-layered aesthetic for the space.

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