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Chair, Workstation - Every Chair 5 Ways Castor WOA

Every Chair 5 Ways Castor WOA

Type : Lounge chair
Seat : Steel frame+polyurethane foam+upholstery fabric
Base : Polished aluminum die casting 5 ways with casters (60mm)
Dimension :
W 620 x D 580 x H 805-855 mm
Seat Height 445-500 mm

Categories: Chair, Workstation


Hug chair has a symbolic design, the hanging handrails. Inspired from hugging, the hanging handrails are pointing slightly upward that look like open hands, beckoning tired people to take their seats. A hug is a mutual gesture within which we give one while receive another from others. We realize that the value is equal when comfort and warmth is either given or received in a hug, since when we embrace people, we are opening ourselves and building trust relationships.

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