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Partition - Stackade


Glazing Options : Single glazed
STC Levels : STC 29-36
Accessories : Switchable Glass / Feature Glass
Configuration Options : 1 (fixed) + 2 (sliders) and 1 (fixed) + 3 (sliders)
Category: Partition


The STACKADE System is a unique sliding, space dividing solution which can efficiently and effectively transform your workplace. Its contemporary aesthetic and easy-to-use cascading panels have been designed to ensure maximum acoustic performance. This new system utilizes floor tracks to provide a dynamic, user-friendly alternative to the operable wall and allows you to quickly create a private space, as and when you need it. Compatible in a range of glass finishes and with a variety of configurations and frames to choose from, the STACKADE System is an economical, solution that slides effortlessly into the modern-day workplace.

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