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Chair, Wooden - Travez Side Chair

Travez Side Chair

TKDN 89,57%
BMP 7,5%

Type : Dining chair
Frame : Skin off rattan pole
Backrest & Seater : Synthetic rattan peel single weaving in white and navy blue color combination
Frame Join Decoration : Synthetic rattan peel binding in navy blue color
Dimension :
W 515 x D 560 x H 810 mm
Seat Height 450 mm

Categories: Chair, Wooden


As it name suggest, Trapez is a side chair which design are influenced and derive from the shape Trapezium. What difference is, instead of sharp pointy corners, this chair has rounded edges that make this chair softer and calmer. Trapez comes with various colors of synthetic wicker options which allows its user, to adapt it to their style. And, since trapez are made out of synthetic wicker, it is suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor use.

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