How To Make Unassigned Seating Works

In recent years, employers have began replacing one-desk per employee setups with first come first serve desks (unassigned desk) for some employees.

The reason for this trend varies from increasing space use productivity to encouraging collaboration between employees. Some employees embrace the flexibility of the unassigned desk setups, but some mourn the loose of their private desks.

Here are some tips to make this unassigned seating works:


Provide personal lockers for each employee  to put their personal belongings.




Set rules and etiquette for using shared desk such as cleaning the desk after use, clearing everything from the desk if out of the office for more than 1 or 2 hours, etc.



Provide technology to reduce paper files and to share team’s files.



Provide telephony solution and apps for people to log in their extension whichever desk they sit at, as well as to find and communicate with each other.



Provide ergonomics furniture such as adjustable chairs or some will claim they have to sit a certain place each day.



Allow employee to work from home or elsewhere.



It takes some time to get used to this new arrangement, after that the company can increase its productivity by collaborating more, using paperless documents more and reducing formal meetings. If many companies can succeed, so can you..

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How To Make Unassigned Seating Works



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