Coating Material for Office Furnishing

Basic materials for office furnishing that usually used are Plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and PB (Particle Board). And there are 2 (two) kind of coating materials generally used as coating for office furnishing, Veneer and High Pressure Laminate (HPL).



This material is a thin natural wooden sheet with various thicknesses from 0.24mm – 0.6mm, it’s from logs that sliced into layers and came with various kinds.

The view of these veneer basic materials have a close similarity like solid wood, in order to get a huge field, curved surfaces and makes their looks so extravagance and expensive. Unfortunately, these materials are easily scratched, peeled off and couldn’t stand with the heat.

Beside being able to choose veneers by kinds, it could be able to choose by colouring types, there are (1) open pore: this method letting the wood pores still could be touched, seen and open, so natural effect of wood still could be looked after; (2) close pore: close pore makes the top of surface felt so smooth.



HPL contains 70% of paper’s layers like kraft paper and decorative paper with resin mixtures and processed on high pressure and temperature.

HPL has an advantage on its endurance and elasticity level. It’s caused by their fibers mixed with acrylic and wood mixtures so it makes them being easily formed.

The looks of HPL (by brands) have a close similarity with each other, but to determine the quality of HPL itself could be seen by (1) Their endurance for its friction that could be measured by cycle, from 600-700 cycle (2) The tidiness or clean-cut, it makes assemblying or creating furniture easier (3) Doesn’t contain formaldehyde that could damage our health


Let’s determine coating materials that suit the atmosphere you want to create, should it be classic, contemporary, minimalist or elegant?




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