How to Choose Office Sofa, Here are the Tips!

Office sofa is one of many items that can brighten up whole your office look.

Here are the tips to choose office sofa :


The Office Theme

These days, offices generally were designed with unique theme that can attract visitors, even guests and the company itself. Determination of right sofa can support the design of your office, should it be classic, minimalist or eclectic.


The Color Combination

Most of offices have their own combination colors. It’s really helpful to choose material and sofa’s color that suit to office interior entirely


Availability Space

Knowing how large the free space will help you to choose sofa’s size that you want to buy, is it small, large, or extra large. At first, you need to measure the room and determine the position of sofa would be located.


The numbers of Visitors

Before you buy the sofa, specifically for lounge, lobby or breakout area, you got to know how many visitors will come. If in a day the visitors less than 10 people so the size of sofa would be great if it’s medium or large. But if the visitors will come with a hundred numbers, better you pick the extra large sofa.

If you’re planning to move or renovate your office, hope the tips up there would be very helpful for you.






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