Get to Know the Adjustable Height Desk!

You may have heard “Sitting is the New Smoking”, a term used by public health experts to remind the need for variations in sitting and standing positions while working. The world of office furniture design responds to this need by issuing Adjustable Height Desk products.

So let’s recognize this Adjustable Height Desk feature!



The foot of the Adjustable Height Desk has some designs, like 2 (two) level foot design allowing adjusting table height from 75cm-120cm and 3 (three) level foot design permitting adjusting table height from 62cm-128cm. In addition to the level foot design , Adjustable Height Desk foot is also designed to be able to adjust the various lengths of the top table from 120cm-180cm.


Motor Drive

The number of driving motors mounted on Adjustable Height Desk determines the amount of load that the desk can bear. If only install 1 (one) motor drive, the table can bear the burden of 80 kg, whereas if with 2 (two) motor drive, then the table can bear the load of 100 kg.


Height Control

Automatic control on Adjustable Height Desk has some variations, but in general it has height control for up and down, digital height pointer, memory for saving the height level that is usually being used when sitting or standing, some even have a reminder timer for the user to immediately change his working position.


To increase the employee’s productivity and health, nowadays many offices providing Adjustable Height Desk for them. Is your office one of them?






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